Sunday, April 14, 2013

Did I mention I like shoes?

my station
It has been a busy month. 1240 Salon & Spa is gearing up for a makeover. I'm really excited because I have been there 5 years now which is the longest I have ever stayed in one spot. I have always liked the current decor, it was one of the things that drew me to the salon, the elegant meets rock and roll vibe. But since I'm used to moving around, change is always exciting to me. And Nicolla (the owner) has really great taste. I won't give anything away, I'll take pics when it is done, and maybe some before pics. I have about 20 articles started but nothing finished yet.
the breakroom

So, on to shoes. I came out of the womb a shoe fanatic. I didn't actually have a lot of shoes as a kid, or even really nice ones. The folks believed that kids only needed a minimal amount of shoes, and mom had really bad taste. I didn't get to really start to indulge my shoe obsession until I had a job. I'm not a designer shoe junkie, to be honest, I don't drool over jimmy choos, manolos, or loubitans. I am just as happy with a really fierce pair from Payless or Target. I like, heels. I like flats. I like checking out the latest trends and scouring vintage stores for old shoes.

 I finally scored a pair of Springolators. I have been wanting a pair for months. I honestly didn't know what they were two years ago, but I read a lot of vintage blogs and had become obsessed. But it's not always easy to find a pair in your size and when you do, it's bound to be expensive.
 I had given up ever having a pair of my own. Then out of the blue I popped into my neighborhood vintage store, and there they were, like Cinderella's slippers, real Springolators. I had seen pics online but never a real pair in person. In my size. Tried them on, fit like a glove. I was scared to ask how much, but I scored them for the insane price of $40. Ask anyone who is into vintage, that is dirt cheap.

My latest desire, A pair of Highbury regency shoes by American Duchess.
I've written about American duchess footwear before. What I love about the shoes, is that aside from being one of the few places to find comfortable accurate historical footwear, is that even if like me, you don't own any historical type clothing, these shoes would look great with modern clothes. I would rock these with a pretty sundress. The shoes actually come without the ribbons (the shoes have ribbon loops inside in case you want to add them like  in the picture), The Highbury is available for pre-order, reserve yourself a pair now.
The Duchess, being the generous chica she is, is having a giveaway. I really want to win a pair of these, if you do too, then head over to her blog.
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